First Days - C&B-10

Charlotte Anne

I have waited and waited to write this post, and today, even though it's taken me several hours in between nursing/changing/and taking care of Bella - I finally had a chance to. Charlotte was born October 28th at 8:28pm after two hours of labor and one push. So basically she didn't want to come … [Read more...]


39 weeks. 

I'm writing this from my couch. From my iPhone. Because at this point it's hard to reach the computer at any angle for me. Seriously. I actually love "being" pregnant in a weird way. Like even though nothing fits and I barf all the time and I'm hot and my heartburn is killer - it's exciting … [Read more...]

38 weeks

What Lies Ahead

It's Monday night and we're finishing up Bella's bedtime routine with a book and prayer. I glance at her little head bowed and her hands clasped as I hear her repeat words she's said for months, "Please keep baby Charlotte big and strong and let her come home." I realize that although we've … [Read more...]