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I came up with that word as I got dressed this morning. In between having to lay down on the bed to rest before putting on the other half of my clothes while gasping for air. So.much.pregnant. It takes me literally an hour to get completely ready because I get so exhausted. This is the most … [Read more...]

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I'm 36 weeks 4 days today. And we're just in a holding pattern here. Wednesday I spent ALL DAY in triage after my regular appt showed my blood pressure through the roof. So I laid in a hospital bed with Sam in the chair next to me and the cuff squeezing my arm every 10 minutes. It ended up … [Read more...]

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A Few of My (Random) Favorite Things

Nothing much is new here - quiet weekend. Having some contractions but all Braxton Hicks, no pain, so just lots of water and resting. I'm 35 weeks TODAY. Amazing. The fact that I made it to this point is really a bit of a miracle in itself. So a few random things for today: ----------------- I … [Read more...]