Whatever happened to Metta?

Remember Metta (metta1313 on Twitter) from 365 Days – Mommyhood at 30? We had so much fun together, and then one day she was just gone – left with a short note on her blog saying goodbye, she couldn’t blog anymore, but everyone was ok.

And we’ve all missed her ever since. Even though I knew part of her reasoning, it was still hard to not have her on here anymore. I know so many of us felt the same way.

So tomorrow, she’s explaining why. What happened. Where she is now and how life has changed for her. I’m priviledged to host her guest blog on her as she shares her story.

Be sure to check back and leave her some love.


  1. says

    i have been wondering about this too. her blog was awesome. and im sure it was super hard to keep up with 365 but to quit cold turkey! im sure she had to do it, but her “fans” miss her. tweets just arent enough!

  2. Siva says

    I stumbled on her blog from a link here a while back and have always wondered that. So glad we get to find out!