Vlogs are hard.

This was like my 15th attempt at a vlog. The computer is balancing on a printer so the angle points down at me and makes my face thinner. It took me an hour to get it to upload to my blog since the program wanted to be stupid about my YouTube account.

I make my eyes really big a lot to emphasize things. I banished Sam to the bedroom and thought he came out when I whipped my head around really fast. (I can’t do vlogs with him listening.)

I also had a cute set up so you could see my apartment in the background, but somehow that angle whited out my face to a point where I looked like the new vampire on Twilight. Minus the 6 pack.

And I say a (semi) bad word. Sorry Mom. :/ It slipped.


  1. says

    I LOVE the story about you meeting Sam. Your eye roll to Christian school is Hi-larious! You are so funny girl!

    And on the shopping budget – I haven’t been able to get any lower than $100 either. I think without eating out or anything it’s pretty high too, but we eat everything, and I can’t cut out one more single thing.

    Also, on the tomato diaper rash, take the skins off. It’s such a pain in the behind, especially for raw tomatoes but it seems to help with C’s tom diaper rash.

    Sorry for such a LONG comment, but I have that same series of finger puppet books too! Love them!

    Loved the Vlog! And keep up all the good work on the blog too!

    • says

      I’ll remember that about the skin. I’m glad to know someone else is around that $$ for food each week too. I feel like such a hog lugging up all that food each week.

    • says

      I said damn. And it is a bad word to my mom, because growing up we weren’t even allowed to say stupid. lol

      So you know, now I say whatever I want. So mature.

  2. says

    Fun vlog! Brave too :)

    I’m relatively new to your blog, really enjoy it so far!

    Just curious, how old is Bella? I was thinking about your comment on sibling spacing… my son just turned two and we also wanted there to be at least 2.5+ gap between them so I’m just curious about that.

    • says

      Bella is 15 months. I’d love to wait till she was 18-20 to get pregnant again. Which, since my husband will be gone for the next 4 months, looks like quite a good possibility. :)

  3. says

    1st, you are looking HOT! 2nd, you are so brave – I don’t know that I will ever do a vlog! I think I look so weird on camera, but you nailed it! The kids were asking about you today — they thought you were coming over today!

    • says

      I will see them soon. I expect handmade cards – preferably with Star Trek sticky notes on them.

      And now I want you to vlog.

      ZOMG. Maybe we can do a double vlog when I come visit.

  4. TheNextMartha says

    You are adorable. I want to have tea with you.
    You have pretty eyes. I blog like once a month. Those once a weekers are over achievers. Snicker.

  5. Jen says

    You look great friend!! And all I could think was, “AAANNNGGGRRRYYY eyes!!” :) Also, I’m so visiting. So prepare yourself for that one!! I didn’t want to live in Texas either, but here I am. So…yeah. I’m thinking of a really tough question for next time!!

    • says

      What would be awful is if we got stuck in Texas – and you were still like 3 hours away. :(

      I should have done angry eyes on the vlog. I did say hashbrowns last time though. :)

  6. Carla says

    I watched the whole thing and it makes me miss your face. I don’t know when I’m gonna make it up that again but hopefully soon and we must, must, must have lunch.


  7. Cathy says

    Ok first off u look gorg, and second you havent seen back to the future???!! That’s a great movie! Lol