Sunday Confessions: Makes Me Swoon

*Note: if you know Sam and I in real life and/or are related to us, you may want to skip this one. Kisses!

There is something about seeing my husband in uniform, all dirty from a day in the field, shooting a gun and with a sunburn that just does it for me.


He’s such a man. He’s gone crazy on someone who crudely hit on me in front of him. He’s fought in a war and got a medal. He works and goes to school full time to make our life better. His arms are the size of my thighs (great for him, not so much for me). He can crawl through the mud with a 50lb pack on during the day, and then give Bella a bathie at night.

He’s my complimentary opposite in so many ways that make our marriage click.

He’s great kisser.

He makes me swoon. After nearly 11 years together and 8 1/2 years of marriage, I love him more than I ever could have thought possible. In a different way because of what we’ve been through, and in the same way as when I was 16 and crazy about him in high school.

Sam – Even as I write this and you’re playing the lamest video game known to man :p , I am looking at you as my hero. Knowing that, if you were able in real life, you would also destroy the evil swamp cat monster with the laser that shoots from your eyes to protect us. Or just rub my arm up and down forever because although you hate doing it, I love it so much.

I love everything about you. I’m proud to be your wife, and Bella adores you as her daddy. Happy Father’s Day.

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    AWW! That is wonderful and I am happy for you guys! I like manly men too, my husband works outdoors all day and comes home buff and tan. :) It’s nice that your man has a gentle touch as well.

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    Hands down, there is nothing sexier than a man in uniform. The pictures I have of Art from his time in the service make me swoon. :) Sam’s a good man — and a lucky one.

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    This post made me smile. Very encouraging that you have been together for so long and still have the spark! :)

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    I read it anyway. You two are so cute! 😀 Not grossed out at all! I know what you mean about the “real man” thing. I feel that way about Andy when he finishes doing something around the house or after time at the gym.