Oreck Forever™ Series Gold Vacuum Giveaway {and Vlog}

Oh friends.

I can barely contain my excitement. You know how much I love to vacuum?

Well, so will you. One of you is going to win a brand new, right from the factory Oreck Forever™ Series Gold Vacuum valued at $499.


A few weeks ago, I tweeted that my old vacuum had finally died. Being that I used it every day for 4 years I’m surprised the thing lasted as long as it did.

For the reals. I am a vacuum addict.

When Oreck asked if I wanted to do a review and giveaway of their new Forever™ Series Gold vacuum, I wondered if they understood the magnitude of what they had just asked. It was like winning the Ultimate Housewife lottery. When it came, I squeeeed. Loud. Even Bella was impressed.

We start the cleaning addiction young here.

I LOVE this vacuum. I have used it every.single.day (sometimes twice) since getting it. I actually wait for someone (a cat, a child, a husband) to make a mess so I have a reason to hear that satisfying crunch we all love.

Oreck Forever™ has a nifty little contraption on the sides for the baseboards/corners of your home. You know, the ones that you have to go around and brush out or try to mauever the bulky canister to vacuum? No more. The brush sweeps the crumbs/hair out and sucks it up in the same pass.

Brushes of Wonder

In it's own little spot.

For those dark closets and dim halls.

Hotel Lines. I could stare at my floor forever when it's like this.

I decided to show you how well the Oreck works with a vlog. It picks up kitty litter (clean – simma down) and smashed crackers. Sam shot it so… *sigh* Many, many times I got to use the vacuum retakes.

I adore my Oreck, and can’t imagine ever owning another vacuum again. Now for the fun part. You have the chance to get your hands on your own Oreck Forever™ Series Gold Vacuum.

Enter the easy Rafflecopter way below, simply click each entry – it does the work for you. Be sure to leave just one comment for the mandatory entry – the rest are automatically counted by Rafflecopter as you click. Easy peasy. Questions? hormonal-imbalances at hotmail.com

GOOD LUCK and happy vacuuming!

This giveaway is linked up at Hip Homeschool Moms.


  1. Whoa. Limited lifetime warranty? NICE! I learned that. I didn’t think vacuums did that :)

  2. I learned it’s amazing and I must have it!!

  3. Jennifer Olszowy says:

    I learned that this vacuum has a two-speed motor which gives you the ultimate flexibility! Sounds wonderful.

  4. I like that it has two settings. Congrats on your new vaccum!

  5. 9 lbs! Now I don’t have to dread vacuuming the stairs. I think such an attractive item also would make my son’s frequent phrase “daddy’s vacuum” be a bit less insulting, haha!

  6. I like the limited lifetime warranty. Key when purchasing anything in our home. Congrats on your new vacuum!

  7. Um, so this is awesome. Like, totally and completely awesome.

    As a child, did you ever think you’d get this excited about a vacuum?

  8. I love the baseboard & corner brushes…it annoys me so when I can’t get all the way to the edge of the carpet!

  9. I want… That is all.

  10. This thing sucks! It really, really sucks! In all the best ways!

  11. I like the lifetime warranty!

  12. I didn’t even think about how the weight and size means it would be good on the stairs, until I just read that on their site. That is amazing. That’s my biggest problem!

  13. Nice and light!! Woot Woot!

  14. I like that it only weighs 9 pounds, and includes 3 annual tune-ups. Never did that with my Dyson.. of course it was created by Satan. Ergonomic my bottom.

  15. I love the warranty!

  16. Love that it has HEPA filters!

  17. I love the base board brushes!! I want it!

  18. The lifetime warranty is my favorite part!

  19. the thirty five foot power cord does it for me… I hate how many times I have to re-plug mine in because I’ve gone too far.

  20. It is light weight weighing only 9lbs.

  21. OMG…I have to have one of these. I hove that it comes with 3 tune-ups. Amazing. Oh, and how is sucks. I am vacuum crazed like you are. I vacuum all.the.time.

  22. I have an OLD Oreck and LOVE it!

  23. I learned it has limited lifetime warranty and loved that thing about the side brushes that comes out to do corners! congrats :)

  24. I learned from their website (and am totally excited about) that they do 3 tune-ups annually!!! Getting a tune-up for a vacuum is just awesome!!!

  25. Nothing better than having a clean house ;)

  26. Charlotte Anne says:

    The lifetime warranty is great!

  27. I learned about the HEPA inner bag!

  28. I just learned that “Now with a new Limited Lifetime Warranty**, you’ll get peace of mind that will last a lifetime.” Who knew that all I needed for that was a vacuum? Also, I just learned I have a sister that is just as obsessed with vacuuming and the lines on the carpet as I am.

  29. I learned it comes with 3 annual tune ups. What is that about and why does it sound so awesome?!

  30. I love that it only weighs 9 lbs! & the 3 annual tune-up’s included is AWESOME!!
    Ok so umm..pick me!! kthanks :)

  31. I love that this vacum has side brushes. Who loves having to pick up the missed pieces on the floor. I know I dont. Also you cant beat a lifetime warranty! Love it.

  32. Tune-ups on a vacuum????? How awesome-sauce is THAT?

  33. I love the lifetime warranty, I love the light, the side brushes, oh my oh my!!! I need a new vacuum so very bad as mine is on it’s way out. Love this one!

  34. I learned that it has a 2 speed motor.

  35. I NEED this, my current vacuum sucketh, and not in an actual vacuum sucking manner. In a stinks to high heaven manner.

  36. LOVE that it has a lifetime warranty! I’ve gone thru too many vacuums or they lose their sucking power.

  37. I am old so I love tjat it is ligjt

  38. I would love one of those vacuums! Awesome!

  39. the little brushes on the sides that grab things from edges and corners had me at hello! i’m not a fan of my vacuum, but i could see myself getting hooked on the Oreck!

  40. I NEED!!!!

  41. I like the 35 foot cord and the light weight and also the 99.97% clean air from the HEPA bag. I’d love to own an ORECK. My vacuum is so heavy.

  42. I think it is a toss up of the weight and the long cord…..helpful for my pesky stairs!!!!!

  43. Oh my goodness I need this so badly. My poor 5 year old $30 vacuum just doesn’t cut it anymore… I don’t think it ever really did.

    My family had an Oreck when I was growing up and it was awesome. I didn’t know it had a lifetime warranty though, that’s really sweet!

  44. I learned a few things. . .

    1. Like everyone else, I’m insanely excited about the prospect of winning a vaccuum. . . and equally embarassed about that.
    2. The thought of lugging around a mere 9 pounds is ahhhmazing.
    3. I’m pretty sure that nifty Oreck HEPA filter will take care of the super-annoying dog hair that seems to find it’s way into just about every nook and cranny in my home.

  45. I learned that my life has vastly changed (and for the better, I believe) when I get this excited about winning a household appliance. Especially one that cleans corners like it ain’t nobody’s bizness.

  46. My mom has an Oreck that she LOVES.

  47. Oh my god, the messes my military boyfriend and his buddies make…this would save my LIFE. I currently have no vacuum at all :(

    I learned from the website that it weighs 9lbs, and almost cried tears of joy.

  48. i have learned that it has a two-speed motor power, lightweight maneuverability

  49. I am a vaccuuming addict myself and would never be able to afford something like this. What a great giveaway. Thank you Oreck!

  50. I learned that this vacuum has a 35-foot power cord so I could plug it in to the only good outlets in my apartment and STILL be able to vacuum everywhere!

  51. Love the warrenty & that light! Awesome.

  52. stephanie muth says:

    I learned that that they do 3 tune-ups annually how awesome is that!!

  53. I learned it has 2 settings.

  54. I love the LED lights and the limited warranty :)

  55. HEPA filters — score!

  56. shared your post on StumbleUpon my StumbleUpon name is goldtimeluck

  57. andrea dimario says:

    i learned that limited lifetime warranty

    how cool is that

  58. I learned that it’s got 2 settings so good for hard flooring and carpet– whoohoo!

  59. I so need a new vacuum. Very badly. Crossing my fingers for this giveaway!

  60. lifetime warranty AND 3 tune-ups? Who offers that?

  61. I learned that it has an inner HEPA bag–cool!

  62. I learned that the vacuum has two speeds! How cool!

  63. Sonya Morris says:

    Limited lifetime warranty!! :)

  64. Hepa Inner Bag is what I learned !

  65. Yes. Please. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

    Warranty? Real vacuums have that? Mine doesn’t. Learning something new every day.

  66. I love that the warranty includes three annual tune-ups! Awesome~!

  67. That is works like a boss but only weighs 9 pounds!! Awesome!!!

  68. I love the warranty; 3 annual tune ups and the headlights! Such a cool feature!

  69. I learned all about the AWESOME direct suction and why my current bagless vacuum sucks. (No pun intended. Well. Maybe a little one.)

  70. Considering my dogs hair has become a part of my child daily food group, I need a vacumm that SUCKS and SUCKS HAAAARD. (Ok dirty mind over here) But seriously, my vaccum can not keep up with the massive amounts of dog hair our mutt puts off. PLEASE HELP!

  71. Wow, a 35 foot cord that is much longer than our current vacuum.

  72. I learned that it’s got a forever warranty and the HEPA CELOC bags that have a carbon lining to kill odors.

  73. I learned it has the little brushes on the side to vacuum up around the baseboards.

  74. i learned it has a super long cord – 35 feet, i could do the whole apartment!

  75. Robert Camba says:

    I was unaware the Oreck Gold had a lifetime warranty. I have a ten year old Oreck, which I love, but I would gladly replace it with the Oreck Series Gold, should I win.

  76. Oreck makes great products

  77. I learned that it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

  78. I love that is lightweight and has a long power cord.

  79. I learned it has a HEPA bag!

    I have been yearning for a new vacuum for so long :)

  80. The fact that you have a limited lifetime warranty!

  81. I learned that the vacuum comes with three annual tuneups!

  82. I learned that The direct suction and roller brush rotating at about 5,600 revolutions per minute draw dirt right into the bag. The brush grooms the nap as it cleans.

  83. PB and Jazz says:

    This would be a dream come true for me! Learning about side brushes, long cord and headlights make me drool over it!

  84. Patty White says:

    I learned it cleans everything from carpet to Oriental and Persian rug

  85. I learned that it comes with a lifetime warranty! Very cool

  86. I learned that they have two-speed motors!

  87. has a gadget to clean baseboards on the side

  88. Juwairiyah Al-Rashad says:

    Its lightweight! Easier for me to lug up and down stairs./

  89. Diana Kat says:

    Ooooh I need a new vacuum cleaner!

  90. i learned it has a contraption on the side for baseboards…would be amazing for all that dog hair!!!

  91. I learned that is has side brushes to pick up the dirt that fall into that space between the carpet and the wall. That’s awesome because I really hate having to go back around with the hose.


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