This is how you pronounce Pinterest.

For the billion people who google the phrase “How do you pronounce Pinterest” every day and then hit my “I don’t do crack, I do Pinterest post” instead and leave in utter devastation:


Like “interest” but with a P. I think that was the point the creators were trying to make.

That’s how you pronounce it. You’re welcome.

You can find me on it here.

(Also – totally like crack. Only safer and with a much nicer outcome.)

Happy Pinning!


  1. Very Pinteresting!

  2. Lol! Yay I was saying it right :)

  3. It’s always amazing to me the number of people that add syllables to this word. I agree – for goodness sake – it’s just “interest” with a p! :)

  4. … I might just repin almost everything you have pinned. How was I not following you already? Also, Apple just tried to change “repin” into “repine” which apparently means “to feel or express discontent; fret: ‘you mustn’t let yourself repine.'” Word of the day.

  5. & it is just like cocaine.
    Not that I’ve done cocaine.

    I’m serious. I’ve never done any drug but coffee.

  6. How on earth were people pronouncing it wrong?

  7. woohoo! I’m following you now. I’m dying laughing. I might be the biggest pinterest addict out there. But, like you, I initially refused. I first heard about it from Kim (HI KIM!!!) and I thought ‘Gah! Never!’

  8. I was telling this bratty girl about the site and she corrected me saying, “Um, it’s pronounced ‘Pee-Interest’, honey.” I was just like, WTF? No, It’s not.
    Glad to know i’m not an “Idiot” for pronouncing it the way it was intended.

  9. angelinawithafoal says:

    “How on earth were people pronouncing it wrong?”

    well they were probably pronouncing it the way I do – saying ‘p’ then ‘interest’. It only dawned on me yesterday that it should be said as one word.

  10. Put a “pin” in your “interest”. Common sense. It’ll be an SAT question soon and tens of thousands of girls will get it wrong.

    Also, who pronounces interest “in-ter-est”? It’s run together like “inch-rest”. I say “pinch-rest”.