To my daughter on her 2nd birthday


Last night as I sat on your bed and brushed your hair away from your face, I remembered the time I first saw you. How small and red you were. How perfect. How your tiny hiccups that had been so precious in me were now happening in my arms.

I remembered your squinty little eyes as you tried to make sense of everything around you. How you snuggled up so perfectly to me. How I knew at that moment I was complete, I had my little girl.


These past two years have brought so many changes to our little family. From you being so sick with reflux, to me knowing I could stay at home, us stopping drinking, Daddy joining the military again, and two moves to end up in El Paso – where you seem to enjoy yourself more everyday.

You have little friends, “Key” holds a special place in your heart as much as you hate her to touch your toys. When you two hold hands, her mama and I crack up at the cuteness of it all.

Us knitting.

You are fascinated with the world. Everything needs to be asked about and explored. You have the sweetest spirit with things, always making sure not to hurt something on purpose – unless it’s the kitties. Their tails hold endless fascination for you.

Your signing is amazing, you do it so well it’s made my life 100x easier. We love to watch you recognize something and sign it to us before you even say it.

Trucks - your other love

When there is something off, you get it now. You crack up at things that are silly. And when I make the kitties dance for you. Much to their chagrin.

You know family and friends. Nana, Grandpa’s, Aunties – you love them all.

Daddy and I can’t imagine life without you. You are the joy of our hearts, the little being we look forward to seeing run down the hall each morning. We are so blessed to have you, to get to share your life with you, to be the guardians of it for a time.

Birthday presents.

I pray each night you will grow up a self confident, capable woman living a life of purpose. That you will one day have a daughter that you love as much as I love you. That you know I would do anything for you. That you understand how much Daddy loves you – he changed his entire life in hopes you have a better one.

We love you more than you can imagine.

Daddy and Mama


  1. says

    :) happy birthday to your darling daughter. it must be crazy to see how fast time is flying. my little one is 7 months on thursday. it’s just unbelievable.

    before we know it they’ll be back talking teenagers (i mean, wonderfully sweet teens:). ok, i’m going to tear up. no more of that. haha.


  2. says

    Beautiful! Your post gave me chills :). I get chills when I like what I’m reading ha. Happy Birthday Beautiful Bella, I hope you have the best day a two year old can wish for!

  3. Tanya Bailey says

    Aww that was amazing Diana. You do have a wonderful daughter that surprises me every day too. Kenzie know doudt loves spending time with Bella. I am so happy that you are a part of our little family. We love you.