18 weeks pregnant with twins, a belly pic, and a measurement…

18 weeks! Halfway there in a twin pregnancy – although you won’t hear me complaining if they go slightly longer. 36 weeks is the goal I have my eyes on every day.

BO & GO are the size of a…?  Bell Pepper! Grow babies grow!

Photo credit: BabyCenter.com

How far along? 18 weeks 1 day.

Maternity clothes? Obviously.

Weight Gain? I was weighed Saturday and I’ll be weighed today. So far in 9 weeks since finding out we were having twins – I’ve gained nothing. At all. I can’t even fathom how this is physically possible when I look at pics. I’m actually a tad worried about this.

Stretch Marks? Not yet! Bought some fun creams and oils to use – not counting on them to help much but they feel nice.

Sleep? A tad better. I think it has to do with me being able to breathe through my nose again.

Sickness? Some days are worse than others, but for the most part I keep everything down. Still on Zofran 3x a day and when I forget I pay for it.

Movement? Yes, mostly still the hard presses but Baby B thumped me a good one the other day.

What I miss? Stomach sleeping again. Being able to roll over and get up without it taking a ridiculous amount of effort.

Food cravings? Nothing much this week. My cravings never last more than a day or so.

Food aversions? Really, not much anymore. Thank the sweet Lord because those were killer.

What I’m looking forward to: More ultrasounds, more appointments, more chances to see and hear the babies and make sure they are ok. I am also counting down to 24 weeks when we hit the viability date. Just another tiny sigh of relief at making it there.

Milestones? They are both boys and they are identical! That was about all the excitement we need for a while!

Things I wish people knew: I’ve had a lot of questions about birth plans lately – which I don’t mind at all – but due to some complications I really don’t feel like sharing, the chances are a lot higher for me to have a c-section. My Dr. brought this up ever so hesitantly at my last appt and side eyed me to watch for my reaction, adding quickly, “But if you have your heart set on a vaginal birth, we are still looking at that till the day we get to that point. I just wanted you to be aware.”

So I told her flat out, “I have my heart set on two healthy little boys. The rest is just the path they get here on.” So although vaginal is certainly my preference, at this point, we’re all getting mentally and physically prepared for both! I feel very confident whatever happens will be the absolute best choice in the circumstances that arise – and both have definite pros and cons.

Bella’s corner: We took out all the newborn boy clothes my friend gave me the other day and Bella fell in love. She spends a chunk of time each day looking through them and showing me the different ones, each ending with, “Babies nightclothes!” I’ve started to time manage my days a lot better lately with working 20+ hours a week from home and found that Bella gets more quality attention now with me than she did when I didn’t have a lot to do.

We have an interview tomorrow with a preschool to see if I can get her in 2 half days a week so she can have some more social interaction and I can have a few hours to work uninterrupted at home. Between working and my inability to walk or even stand for long periods without pain, we get out a lot less than we used to.

Here’s the weekly pic!

18 weeks and 1 day! And 41 inches around. :)


  1. says

    I love your view on your birth plan. Two healthy babies – that’s really all that matters! Both vaginal and cesarean definitely have their pros and cons. It’s all about what is best for you and your babies. Hugs!

  2. says

    I like your outlook on the birthplan. Need vs. want don’t get much time for debate when it comes to healthy babies. Love the update and you look great, of course! 😉

  3. Elizabeth says

    Hi Diana, I am sooo enjoying following you throughout this pregnancy.When I was pregnant with my twins we had a ridiculous amount of “things” going on in our lives at the time and I just didn’t get to enjoy that moment as much as I would have liked to. So thank you for taking us on this journey with you and your family!

  4. says

    Hi Diana! Congratulations on the twin pregnancy! It feels just like yesterday whne my little turkeys were in my belly and it has been 4 whole years. Just like you I hadnt gained any weight by 18 weeks and was totally paranoid but the weight gain started shortly thereafter. Best of luck dear and i will be praying for a healthy full term pregnancy for you :)