One of Those Weeks

Oh hello, adorable toddlerness.

And hello to all of you.

It’s been quite the week here. As you can see – I’ve spent the past few days running all kinds of fun stuff from a PackIt giveaway to showing you what I carry in my purse with Gussy Sews to a chance to win $500 for the spa with Dove. I’ve been super busy at home with everything, and Sam has been working long hours and a 6 day week. ::sad face:: Also – planning for BlogHer. SO THERE’S THAT. :)

But I haven’t posted over here much because, well, who wants to read about me working, cooking, or taking Bella to the library? We did have a playdate though, that was super cute. Nothing quite like seeing your kid interact with a best friend their same age.

Double temper tantrums from 2 1/2 year olds are quite possibly the funniest and cutest thing ever. Especially when they both throw themselves face down on the floor to sob.

So, being this busy has left me with just enough time to write on Babble about our adoption.

  • I talked about how we didn’t get to pick the gender of child we wanted, the reasons behind that, and what I’m hoping for anyway.
  • Have you thought about adopting? Here are some tough questions you need to ask yourself (and family) before taking that next step.
  • Special needs adoption – is it just a given that you’re supposed to? I talk about how and why we struggled with this huge decision.
I also wanted to mention I have a couple ad spots open right now, and added a footer one – seen at the end of I write. Oreck had this space the past 6 months, it’s a high visibility one. So check out the ones open and see if you’re interested (or know someone who might be).

In other news…

I’ve been really struggling with something that needs to be said over here, and not being quite sure how to explain it. So all I’m asking for now is that you might keep me in your thoughts and prayers this weekend as I attempt to write it in a way that makes sense and honors God. Because that’s my hope for this blog.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. xo


  1. says

    You’re in my thoughts, but I know you won’t need too many of them. Your words will come, and you always find a way to write with grace and respect. xo

  2. says

    Really like hearing about the seemingly mundane in life. It lets me know I’m not alone in the crazy shizzz….so playdates, temper tantrums, and library trips are just lovely. And you always fine quite the way to talk about the, again, seemingly mundane. I hope whatever is going on you find the right words to express it. You words made me get a lump in my throat, for fear that someone is doing or saying someone horrible and negative about you or this blog. You have wonderful insight to share about a lot of things, and not just the sad things. I’ve referred your adoption stuff to some friend’s already!! Thank you!

  3. Tina says

    I just want to let you know how much I love reading your posts. I’ve never read a blog before now, but you are helping me in ways I couldn’t imagine, I’ve felt so alone in what I felt sometimes when it comes to loosing my son. You are in my thoughts. :)