Today IS THE DAY. Well, One of Them.

Today are our homestudy interviews.

Is? Are? I have typed both and both seem wrong.

Teacher fail.

It’s probably is.

Anyway, I’m SO NERVOUS. We have 2 hours as of right now until our social worker gets here. First is my interview, then Sam’s, then we have one together. Each an hour long.

If you can believe this (brace yourself) I am on here instead of cleaning the house.


Right? I am so nervous I can’t even clean. That’s a first.

Cross all your crossables that we do ok and today marks the very close end to this part of the adoption!

Also, I wrote over on Babble about adoption, toxic chemicals, why you shouldn’t pretend an adopted child is biological, and reasons we won’t be circumcising our sons. Ever.

Off to try to calm my nerves and vacuum.

Maybe just breathe into a paper bag.



  1. says

    Do you like cake? Cuz, this interview will be a CAKE WALK! And the interviewer will be a PIECE OF CAKE in your hands. Every child should be so welcome and loved. Blessings to you and your husband in your adoption efforts!