10 Tips for Babywearing in the Winter

Winter is a perfect time to babywear, keeping your child close to you while you both stay cozy and share the same view of the world. Nothing is sweeter than being able to plant a kiss on a little head, or hand a snack over your shoulder, while walking around.

There can be a few things to remember; from staying comfortably warm, to those annoying zippers, and wearing just enough while still being able to buckle or loop your carrier. The winter tips below will help you and your child babywear comfortably through the next few cold months.


1. Wear layers. It’s easy to get overheated while babywearing – for both of you. Dress in layers, especially if you plan on being indoors with fluctuating temps and outdoors with wind, clouds, and sun. [Read more…]

Our children don’t need perfection.

There is this huge movement lately for better parenting. Attachment, natural, gentle, connected – call it what you will. It all offers real benefits to parents and caregivers. The concepts of non violence and treating your child like a human being are spot on.ย I love the ideas behind gentle parenting. A big advocate for treating our children well, loving them with every fiber of our being.

However, I feel as if in many ways we, as parents, have taken these wonderful concepts of “A person’s a person no matter how small” to “Little Susie should be able to do whatever she wants because we don’t want her to feel bad. Ever.”

It’s getting to the point where we can’t even be authority figures, because someone might get their feelings hurt. Or judge us. Or act like they’ve never lost their temper with their kids. So we have to be “on” all the time. No mistakes. No slip ups. And that’s not what AP/gentle parenting is about. [Read more…]

The Weight I Carry

Adam is a dad blogger at Hanging with Dad. Which, in itself, makes him awesome. But on top of that? He’s a crunchy, cloth diapering, babywearing, stay at home dad.

Right? Like, the levels of awesomeness can’t be described.

Because he’s is a babywearing guru, I am thrilled to be having him post on wearing his son Isaac in different carriers – and the ups and downs that go with them (the 2,347 foot Moby wrap you stare at helplessly). With pics. Please to enjoy:
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The Benefits of Babywearing Your Toddler

I’m a writer for Attachment Parenting International, and this post is being featured on their site today. I hope you’ll jump over and browse the great articles they have for all parents and caregivers on topics from picky eaters to toddler activities to working mom stories. And discipline. Because we all know how I’m doing in that area. :/

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Bella is 22 months. Sam and I still babywear her many times.

To some, this might seem a little crazy. She is perfectly able to walk and we own a stroller she loves. She isn’t as easy to carry anymore, and it requires some maneuvering to get her in an arrangement we’re comfortable with for a while.

But Bella had severe reflux when she was born. Because of this, she threw up for the first 6 months of her life around the clock. We tried every babywearing device we could think of to help; Moby, slings, wraps, Bjorn, Ergo – but nothing helped. I remember clearly the time Sam wrapped her forward facing in the Moby to walk around and she projectile vomited all over it and the floor so much we had to take her out and wash it. I had to use layered burp cloths when I wore her facing me – and each time she’d throw up I’d pull one out, shove it in the diaper bag and keep going.

The reflux ruined our love of wearing her. It was hard for her to enjoy it either. I felt awful that it was so difficult for us to be close. I eventually tucked most of our carriers away because it was frustrating to clean them and only be able to have them on for a few minutes at a time.

When she turned a year old and was no longer throwing up, I decided to try again. I bought a ring sling, got out the Ergo. I don’t know how to explain it, I simply felt a need to be close to her in some way that we had missed before.

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Parenting Between the Extremes

I hate even writing this, but I can’t imagine there aren’t a few moms out there in the same boat and I need some help. And really, if you’re sitting here reading while smirking and thinking, “I knew she would one day,” please leave.

Friday I smacked Bella across her bare bottom. [Read more…]