Sitter Interview Day

This evening we’re interviewing a potential new sitter.

Our current one has been with us over a year now. I honestly am having a hard time with her leaving, and so is Bella. She’s been here for the entire pregnancy with Kaden, the loss of him, and helped us with the aftermath. She stepped in to give my parents a break when they watched Bella as we took care of Kaden in Dallas, and then again to care for our pets before we came home. She’s been our date night sitter, our on call sitter, and made sure she was handling Bella’s questions correctly after Kaden died. She’s crafty and creative and does the dishes for me -

She’s amazing.

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It’s spring today. Some of you are seriously still buried in snow and I just can’t even. We’ve had spring since like – early January so today is name only.

Bella found the first dandelion of the season today. She was so excited, running up to tell me she’d picked a yellow flower. Hair in tangles. Remains of nail polish on her hands. A bit of breakfast on her face. Then she picked the petals off and gave it to me. ;)

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Cover Girl {Land of Nod Style}

This month, Bella graced the cover of theย Land of Nod‘s catalog. Then we all died of the cute.

march land of nod cover

She was so, so excited. It was a surprise to her (they’d let me know a few weeks before they planned on using that shot) and I brought it home one morning from work and handed it to her.

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6 Months in Heaven

6 months today, just a few hours ago, we let Kaden go to be with Jesus.

6 months.

It seems like it just happened. It seems like it never happened.

I wanted to write last night about our night before he passed away. But it was just too much at the moment.

We’d been told that Sunday (8/25) Kaden wasn’t a candidate for a heart transplant because of the possibility HHV-6 might attack a new heart. The doctor explained to us that very few people get to die surrounded by loved ones – so we were going to be able to do that for Kaden.

All I could think of was, “This can’t be happening again. And there is no way on earth I can actually make this decision.” The night before, Sam had gone back to El Paso with the all clear – and Kaden crashed. I was all alone in the hotel when I got the phone call that he probably wouldn’t make it through the night. I called my friend Jen who had graciously let us stay at her home for a week with her husband Justin and their three little ones. I was bawling and she told me she was on her way, she’d meet me there so I didn’t have to do this alone.

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On Bella and Growing Up

Bella -1

A few weeks ago it was cold outside.

It’s not anymore.

Sorry everyone else that gets a winter. I see your pics and I am also hoping spring comes soon for you all! O_o

Bella has this adorable hat that she wants to wear everywhere. She got herself all dressed on this day – and as she headed outside to play, I thought, “Wow, look how tall she’s getting.”

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