New Years Resolutions {with a link up!}

This year, I want my resolutions for 2012 to be different. More attainable, more natural with how I already live and what I know I can do. Things that nag on me that I want to change.

I refuse to put anything about losing weight. I’m just not going to set myself up for failure.

I also don’t want these to become “I didn’t do it so I failed” because if I don’t get to them this year, there’s always next.

And the behavior ones aren’t ever going to be perfect. So there’s that.

And on those high notes :p

For personal goals, I have these:
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Sunday Confessions: I’d love to adopt

I’ve always wanted to adopt. Always. And when I went to India and worked at an orphanage, I wanted to smuggle all 120 children back in my suitcase.

Sam and I have talked about it so often. It is one of my deepest desires, something that I dream about all the time.

I hesitate now because I know as a military family, we will move so much. Sam will be gone for long periods of time. I don’t know how that would affect us applying or getting into a program. [Read more…]

Sunday Confessions: I’m a terrible driver.

This Sunday Confession is a tad different as I’m doing a simple link up for anyone who wants to write their own. And I made a nifty little badge to grab if you want. I’ll try to run this every Sunday, link up when you can, confess anything you want – big, small, silly or serious.

I’m a terrible driver – not so much in safety or speed. Rather in paying close enough attention. Crosswalks are a thing of doom to me. I never really notice them. Like, on right turns. Or stop signs. Or in the middle of a road. I just don’t see them until after I’ve gone through. And then I think, “There was a crosswalk back there. I should really look and see if someone is starting/waiting to cross before I floor it.” [Read more…]

Nice to meet you. I’m Jill Sprat.

Since July, Sam has lost about 30lbs. Since going to Georgia for Army training 3 weeks ago? 10 more. This is wonderful. He’s doing great, he looks fantastic, he can run 5 miles a day.

Sometimes? Sometimes I walk from the kitchen to the couch several times. A day. I know right? I’m trying to pace myself.


It’s hard when your spouse/partner/friend decides to get in shape and you’re the one watching. Listening to it. Who doesn’t want to scream to the world when they’ve lost 40lbs? I get it. But it doesn’t do much for my motivation. [Read more…]

Girl Scouts, Grey’s Anatomy, and Guilt. Lots of it.

::nudges foot shyly in dirt::

Um. Hi.


I’m here and it’s Heir to Blair’s McFatty Monday. And yes. This is my third time on it. And yes, I wrote the post about being a proud porker.

I meant it, I still do. But. [Read more…]