On Being a Mom, a Woman, and What Helps Us Look Gorgeous at Both.

I told you all before BlogHer this year I wasn’t a shopper. I like clothes, hate to shop for them. Well friends, the same goes for underwear. Mostly because underwear is so darned expensive.

It just boggles my mind to pay $75 for a bra that will (no matter how much I pledge to wash it on delicates only) end up in the whitest whites wash cycle at some point. Then it’s all downhill from there. So I usually just grab them off the racks as I need them. After I got married and the honeymoon luster wore off, the only expensive bras I bought were when I was nursing Bella.

But there is a part of me that wants that expensive look again, that loves the beautiful, sexy line without the price tag, that loves being a mom, but also loves looking like a woman. I also know it’s important to present a polished look while being out and about and while feeling beautiful and comfortable underneath my clothes.

BlogHer and Vanity Fair® invited me to review their gorgeous new line of bras and underwear. The Modern Coverage Collection was created in several different styles for the unique figures of women. It has less cup coverage for that sexy, womanly look while it’s still designed with comfort and support in mind. Can I just say that I totally loved opening the Vanity Fair® package?

So did Sam.

ANYWAY. I was sent a few sets from a couple of their lines, and included my very favorites of the six below.
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Waste Not – Want Not. GE French Door Fridge to Keep Those Foods Fresher!

I love having fresh food in our kitchen — from our local farmers’ markets that run from April to October to finding organic produce during a Target run.

What I don’t love is how I’ve owned refrigerators that don’t keep fresh things fresh. You know the kind. You purchase these gorgeous carrots and zucchini and go to use them only to find that they are frozen, soggy, wilted or covered in mold. All in the crisper drawer.

We go through fruit and vegetables so fast here that it’s incredibly frustrating to find that even a portion of it has gone to waste. Although it goes into our compost bin to help make the kind of rich soil the desert lacks it still means that we just threw money down the drain.

Why rush to eat these in a day or two if there is a way to keep them a bit longer?


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BlogHer Wrap Up – Part 3

Wow. 3 posts of BlogHer. O_o

You know you’ve loved it.

We left off on Saturday night with me and Rebecca on the subway. After having my hand mauled, we headed to pizza in Brooklyn expecting to grab it and be back in time for the BanShe party that evening, only to find out it was an hour and a half wait to get in. Waiting outside in line. We debated back and forth until we finally realized after how long it took us to get to Brooklyn we’d never make it back in time for the party anyway,  and we were starving.

“I’m game if you are,” I told Rebecca – and because great minds think alike – she was down for standing there that long.

And we did. And it was long.

Finally inside around 9pm, we ate the most amazing pizza ever. Our waiter was so Italian you almost couldn’t understand him, the atmosphere was crowded and yet it was expected there. You share tables in NY with other people, you are bumped into, and spilled water on – but it’s part of the deal there. We were so hungry and excited to be there we didn’t care. [Read more…]

Healthier Choices and Lunches With Odwalla

I was delighted to be asked by BlogHer to share this episode of Weelicious Lunch Crunch sponsored by Odwalla Fruit Smoothies For Kids with my readers. Enjoy!

I was delighted to be asked by BlogHer to share this episode of Weelicious Lunch Crunch sponsored by Odwalla Fruit Smoothies For Kids with my readers. Enjoy!

BlogHer12 – Part 2

So in the last post I left off on Friday night at BlogHer. But what I completely forgot was Wednesday evening. I have no idea how this happened. Wednesday I met up with Jenn Burden, founder of World Moms Blog, and some of the writers/editors from there. We talked for a couple of hours at this incredible Greek restaurant.

Saturday was probably the craziest day of the whole trip – because Rebecca and I jam packed everything we could into it.

In the morning we were stressing out about how to get to breakfast and the first session, having overslept until 8:45, breakfast ending at 9, and the first session starting right after. In the end, we both calmed ourselves down, determined if the hall was anything like Friday we wouldn’t get into a session anyway, and chilled out in the room till 11.

We went to a session, hit the packed out Expo Halls (which were probably the thing I was most disappointed in, besides paying for and not being able to fit into most of the sessions). They were so crowded you could barely get to any tables. After, we went to lunch and listened to Katie Couric speak and wear the world’s most adorable shoes. I met sweet Tricia from Stream of the Conscious and heard her story of losing one of her triplets, then introduced her to Jessica from Four Plus an Angel who has been so dear to me these past few months – and also lost her daughter who was a triplet.

In the afternoon we did more Expo, then headed to Getting Gorgeous with Amy from Somebody’s Parents, who is sweet and funny and totally down to earth. Then Rebecca and I went back to the hotel to decompress and get ready for what could possibly be the most exciting moment of my life.

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