20 Confessions

Lately I’ve felt very, very keenly how much of a box this blog has put me in. There are things that I have said on here that I feel I can’t get away from. Change my mind on. Display the opposite of.

I have always wanted this blog to be a place where anyone can stop by and think, “Oh! Me too!” And by using labels and the words “never” and “always”, I feel I’ve made that harder and harder. I’ve begun to sense the fact that people have read me for so long they know who I am in a way even I don’t.

So here we are. 20 confessions about me that I’ve been itching to say for a while. Let’s break out of the “I’m the perfect mom with the cleanest home on the block” mold I’ve tried to force myself into. [Read more…]

Sunday Confessions: I hated breastfeeding

To some of you, this will come as no surprise. I wrote about the horrible pain and discomfort I went through the first 3 months as a guest post for Blair.

But in all honesty, breastfeeding was never fun for me. It rarely was something I found peaceful and serene. There were times like that, but most of it was filled with nipple shields, lanolin, plugged ducts, mastitis, chapped nipples, and constant pain. It was right after Bella turned a year old that I actually enjoyed our moments together like that, but then it ended. [Read more…]

Traveling with kids – tips, trials and terrors

Jen is an environmental blogger at Jen and Joey Go Green. She blogs about the small day to day changes her and her husband Joe are making to reduce their impact on the environment. She is also Canadian which will mean there will be u’s in her words, the occasional use of the word ‘eh?’ and this silly thing called the ‘metric system’. [Read more…]

The Practice of Attachment Parenting

I’m a writer for Attachment Parenting International. This post is also being featured on their blog today. I’d love for you to head over and check them (and me!) out. For those of you clicking over from there, welcome! Get to know me through my Popular or Random posts on the sidebar, or my About Me page.

There are days when I think to myself, “I shouldn’t call what I do attachment parenting – because quite honestly, today was anything but.” [Read more…]

Baby-led weaning. It sounds all special, but it’s just cuz I’m lazy.

I had very definite ideas of how long I’d breastfeed Bella. One year. Maybe less if my nipples happened to fall off due to never healing. I hated it. The constant pain. The letdown that made me so uncomfortable. Feeding in public and trying to not flash everyone. The stupid nursing covers that smothered her and made me sweat like a whore in church (excepting Baby Bond). I hated it.


14 months later? We’re still nursing. [Read more…]