“Chawie” Gets an Upgrade

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We love Charlie – or as Bella calls him “Chawie.” He’s been a part of our family for 2 years next month and, while there are days he drives me absolutely insane, I don’t know what we’d do without him.

Purina One 28 Day Challenge

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This next month promises to be one that’s interesting.

Sam will leave tomorrow for 5 weeks, coming home once for a weekend. It’s part of training that most soldiers have to do each year, he’s missed the majority of them because each time it happens we’ve been in the middle of a crisis. I miss him terribly but after a couple of days Bella and I settle into our own routine. We keep busy that days go quickly.

I have some fun stuff coming up on the blog. I try to be careful how much I “promote” vs write on here, but days go by without me wanting to write a word. So I don’t. I try not to force myself into writing just because I should or I don’t want to do back to back giveaways.

Babble’s internal site has been down for 2 weeks so it’s been an unexpected break –  but also left me with writer’s block. I find that the more I write, the easier it is to. The less I do, the more stuck I seem to become.

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Our Morning

Mornings in El Paso

It’s Sunday morning. Sam is off for a 24 hour duty shift, which means that it’ll be just Bella and me until tomorrow.

I’ve got a pot of water on to boil because the air is so dry in our home. Everything has a billion little static sparks, we’re all zapping each other, our hair looks like we’re on perma-electrocute. It’s the combo of dry El Paso and then the heater running so often.

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Glimpses {Link Up} Week 2

So this week was exciting for us with a move to a new home, close by, starting tomorrow! We’re also trying to get ready for Sam to head back to work soon, a conference next week, and Kaden’s memorial service that so many of my never-met-but-dearly-loved friends are trying to come out for.

I’m also helping host a campaign for Wendy’s – I’d love for you to click through the link, and then if you want upload a 6 second video for a chance to win $6,000 (a winner a week!). I’m doing mine later today. Use the hashtags #6SecondsFlat and #dianawrote6.

Don’t forget to link up your own post below! Last week you all shared some really amazing posts.

glimpses2-5 We have a new (rented) home that we’re moving to starting tomorrow! Yes, we wanted to buy but Sam isn’t sure how long past another year we’ll be in El Paso so that was the end of that. Isn’t it lovely?

Processed with VSCOcam One of Bella’s chores each day is to make her bed. She often just tosses her comforter on and calls it a day, but this morning she did it with “no lumps” and pillows and was so proud she asked me to come see. Also? Where is my small child??

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Sitter Days: the Ups and Downs

We have had the best experience with sitters. All three of our long term ones have been just amazing.

Right now, with Dr. appts slowed down a bit, I have her 3 mornings a week. 2 are just for me to work. I plan them so as soon as I get home, Bella has had lunch and after a few minutes together she hits nap. This means that I often get 4 hours of nearly uninterrupted working time – you have no idea how much I can kill in 4 hours.

When I close the Twitter/Facebook tabs. ;)

Our sitter gives Bella the creativity and energy that I simply can’t do much of right now. I mean, I’m having trouble getting off the floor when I sit down. So chasing her around the backyard is out. And it’s hard to prep for a craft when I’m passed out on the couch during her nap.

Let’s call a spade a spade: having a high energy sitter makes me feel 100x less guilty when I sit on the couch and zone off for a half hour while Bella chases Charlie around the house. I see that craft on the fridge they made together and my third trimester exhaustion thinks, “Well, at least she did that today.”

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