Today IS THE DAY. Well, One of Them.

Today are our homestudy interviews.

Is? Are? I have typed both and both seem wrong.

Teacher fail.

It’s probably is.

Anyway, I’m SO NERVOUS. We have 2 hours as of right now until our social worker gets here. First is my interview, then Sam’s, then we have one together. Each an hour long.

If you can believe this (brace yourself) I am on here instead of cleaning the house.


Right? I am so nervous I can’t even clean. That’s a first.

Cross all your crossables that we do ok and today marks the very close end to this part of the adoption! [Read more…]

If everyone jumped off the circumcision bridge…

This is a hot button issue – and one we are discussing in our household. Please know that as I write this, I have no one in mind. If you did or did not circumcise your child, that was your choice – and has nothing to do with me or anyone else.

I am against circumcision for our child. 100%. I don’t understand the reason for it, I see no need, and I’m unsure why we continue to do it. I keep reading and researching it to see why it’s such a standard practice, but I don’t see any compelling reason. I feel that, if we have a son, it is not our choice to make for him.

Sam wavers on it. He feels that it is a right of passage in a boy’s life. The first real pain he will feel. He also thinks that it’s something we should do so our son doesn’t differ from him physically. I mentioned this on Twitter and had @clairelouise2 say, “so he thinks looking like Dad is important? If so, ask him when he last saw his dad’s penis. That usually gets them.” Which got me to thinking… [Read more…]