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She Reads Truth – Fresh Start

Tomorrow begins one of my favorite She Reads Truth plans: Fresh Start. If you’re a week into your resolutions and wondered what on earth possessed you to commit to 52 weeks of daily runs or a raw diet (hey now, you’re doing great ;) ) – let this study refresh and renew your sense of purpose and commitment to God.

She Reads Truth Fresh Start

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Tomorrow is the BIG day!

Y’all sick of hearing about it yet?

Tomorrow is Land of Nod day! I am so excited. MY HOUSE HAS TO BE SO CLEAN.Β There is so much to do!

Land of Nod Homeschool Room

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Kaden’s Memorial and the HHV-6 Foundation

Kaden’s memorial is tomorrow.

So many of you have asked if there is anything you can do. Not for us, truly we have been blessed with food this past month and money to pay for all the expenses from Dallas and having to move. And that’s just the tip of the love iceberg.

Like a love boat just – with ice.

What? Anyway.

There is something we would love to share with you all. We have been working with the CDC for Kaden’s case, and in that process have been introduced to Kristin Loomis, who is the Excecutive Director and founder of the HHV-6 foundation, started in 2004.

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Little Updates

It’s been a week since I wrote on here. One of the longest times I haven’t written in a while. It wasn’t a break or anything planned – just nothing really to write on.

I do have some really exciting news – I’m going to be writing for She Reads Truth after their Advent plan ends. I’ve been helping out with some of their emails/organization the last few months. This just happened and I have to say, the invitation made me squeal. I’ve been praying for a while for God to direct me to a place I can write about His Word more. A place that I can be challenged and grow in my faith. SRT has already been such a rock for me this year, I’m so humbled and honored to be joining the women who are behind the words of She Reads Truth.

We are only on Day 3 of our Advent plan, so please come join! It’s never too late, and if you download the YouVersion app on your phone, you can follow along from there as well.

In other news, Babble was down (for us writers) for 2 weeks trying to get their new site design all set, now they’re back up and I love the new look. Take a peek here.

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Around the Interwebs – Adoption, Cleaning, and Military Friendships

So this week and last I’ve been writing other places, and because it’s often hard to keep up I try to do a post over here every week or so linking to them all. Especially with the adoption updates as those are on Babble.

Over at Military Family I wrote about having military mom friends – is it a must? Do you just have them and no others since our lives are kinda hard for civilians to understand? Or do you go the opposite way and avoid other military spouses altogether?

I’m excited to be writing over on Oreck’s new blog Getting Fresh with Oreck once a month as well. I blogged in August about teaching your children responsibility from an early age. And yesterday was a post on how to clean without taking time to clean.

Then at Babble, there was the post about what we decided with the waiting child we’ve been talking about – to pursue his adoption or not? We pondered all kinds of worries and fears and ideas before we made a decision.

I also wrote on the side of adoption that I’m not a huge fan of – why some children cost more than others to bring home and why wait times are much longer or shorter depending on the child. Then there are some great reasons you might want to consider adopting.

Well, there I am. Little bits of life and thoughts all over the internet for everyone to read. This morning was play therapy, right now is nap for Bella and work for me, and this afternoon is preschool. Have a wonderful Tuesday all.