Little Changes

Lately I’ve been in a real funk. Besides all the horrible anniversaries next month, there has also been massive guilt about Bella. To put it bluntly – she’s been really hard to deal with lately. On top of that, I’ve been hard to deal with too, and Sam’s been working either the longest days or gone for a week at a time. We’ve all been stressed out and on edge.

Yesterday I was at my wits end. I just could not figure out whether I should continue with my desire to homeschool Bella, or if I was being selfish and it would be better if she was in a school this year.

On top of that, with our friends having moved, we don’t know any families with kids here, and it’s so hot out that meeting people at a park or something is out of the question.

I laid on my bed yesterday and bawled. I felt like on top of everything else, I’d pretty much failed as a mom this past year. I didn’t want to keep Bella away from peers, but with our story it was like facing a shooting squad to “join a mom’s group!” or “go to a Bible study!”

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These Days.

I haven’t written on here because all I want to write about is


but we don’t “officially” have the orders yet. Hai slow military life. And I’m nervous I’ll jinx it or have to come back and say, “Never mind, we got El Paso again.”


It’s so monumental in life to move that it’s kind of all consuming. Oh, and I’m alone with a preschooler all day so there’s also that. I tend to think about things that are coming to pull me through the looooong days without Sam.

12 more days by the way. He’s been gone 5 weeks.

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Around the Interwebs – Adoption, Cleaning, and Military Friendships

So this week and last I’ve been writing other places, and because it’s often hard to keep up I try to do a post over here every week or so linking to them all. Especially with the adoption updates as those are on Babble.

Over at Military Family I wrote about having military mom friends – is it a must? Do you just have them and no others since our lives are kinda hard for civilians to understand? Or do you go the opposite way and avoid other military spouses altogether?

I’m excited to be writing over on Oreck’s new blog Getting Fresh with Oreck once a month as well. I blogged in August about teaching your children responsibility from an early age. And yesterday was a post on how to clean without taking time to clean.

Then at Babble, there was the post about what we decided with the waiting child we’ve been talking about – to pursue his adoption or not? We pondered all kinds of worries and fears and ideas before we made a decision.

I also wrote on the side of adoption that I’m not a huge fan of – why some children cost more than others to bring home and why wait times are much longer or shorter depending on the child. Then there are some great reasons you might want to consider adopting.

Well, there I am. Little bits of life and thoughts all over the internet for everyone to read. This morning was play therapy, right now is nap for Bella and work for me, and this afternoon is preschool. Have a wonderful Tuesday all.

Military Family Great Outdoor Giveaway

Military Family Outdoor Giveaway

I’m not a real “outdoorsy” kinda gal, but I do love things like camping, picnics, etc. Living in El Paso, we can be outside nearly year round. As our weather cools off, it means we spend even more time outdoors without the fear of bursting into flames from 100+ degree heat. Sam and I have been looking into what we can get that would make our summer nights a little more fun, and think we might have the answer.

Military Family is giving away hundreds of dollars in prizes for anyone who loves the outdoors; from camping to hiking to simply sitting on your back porch. Fire pits, hammocks, bikes, outdoor pans to cook, Camelbak water bottles – the list is endless. 5 winners will be chosen – but it ends September 7th so hurry!

Easy Rafflecopter entry, you don’t need to be a military family.


BlogHer Wrap Up – Part 3

Wow. 3 posts of BlogHer. O_o

You know you’ve loved it.

We left off on Saturday night with me and Rebecca on the subway. After having my hand mauled, we headed to pizza in Brooklyn expecting to grab it and be back in time for the BanShe party that evening, only to find out it was an hour and a half wait to get in. Waiting outside in line. We debated back and forth until we finally realized after how long it took us to get to Brooklyn we’d never make it back in time for the party anyway, Β and we were starving.

“I’m game if you are,” I told Rebecca – and because great minds think alike – she was down for standing there that long.

And we did. And it was long.

Finally inside around 9pm, we ate the most amazing pizza ever. Our waiter was so Italian you almost couldn’t understand him, the atmosphere was crowded and yet it was expected there. You share tables in NY with other people, you are bumped into, and spilled water on – but it’s part of the deal there. We were so hungry and excited to be there we didn’t care. [Read more…]