Our Morning

Mornings in El Paso

It’s Sunday morning. Sam is off for a 24 hour duty shift, which means that it’ll be just Bella and me until tomorrow.

I’ve got a pot of water on to boil because the air is so dry in our home. Everything has a billion little static sparks, we’re all zapping each other, our hair looks like we’re on perma-electrocute. It’s the combo of dry El Paso and then the heater running so often.

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Glimpses {Link Up} Week 2

So this week was exciting for us with a move to a new home, close by, starting tomorrow! We’re also trying to get ready for Sam to head back to work soon, a conference next week, and Kaden’s memorial service that so many of my never-met-but-dearly-loved friends are trying to come out for.

I’m also helping host a campaign for Wendy’s – I’d love for you to click through the link, and then if you want upload a 6 second video for a chance to win $6,000 (a winner a week!). I’m doing mine later today. Use the hashtags #6SecondsFlat and #dianawrote6.

Don’t forget to link up your own post below! Last week you all shared some really amazing posts.

glimpses2-5 We have a new (rented) home that we’re moving to starting tomorrow! Yes, we wanted to buy but Sam isn’t sure how long past another year we’ll be in El Paso so that was the end of that. Isn’t it lovely?

Processed with VSCOcam One of Bella’s chores each day is to make her bed. She often just tosses her comforter on and calls it a day, but this morning she did it with “no lumps” and pillows and was so proud she asked me to come see. Also? Where is my small child??

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Glimpses {Link Up} Week 1

One of my favorite weekly posts I did on Babble Pregnancy was uploading all my pics from the week before and talking about what was going on. Besides documenting my pregnancy with Kaden, it let everyone see what Bella, Sam, Charlie, and I were up to.

I want to continue that here – as well as sharing over at Babble Kid some of the other things we do. I don’t have any fancy slideshow plugin, but I thought it would still be fun to do. And I’m making it a link up at the bottom – so if at any time you decide to join me or just have one of your own, add it to mine so I can come see! I can’t promise I’ll do it every week, (I’m terrible at follow through y’all. Terrible.) but I’ll do my best to keep it going if you all show interest in doing it with me.

Last night we headed over to our friend’s home, Ben and Laura, to have dinner and let Bella play with their two adorable kids. It was so nice to get out for a while and have some adult conversation. Laura is starting a blog and Etsy shop very soon so stay tuned for me pimping her custom work on here. :)

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Little Updates

It’s been a week since I wrote on here. One of the longest times I haven’t written in a while. It wasn’t a break or anything planned – just nothing really to write on.

I do have some really exciting news – I’m going to be writing for She Reads Truth after their Advent plan ends. I’ve been helping out with some of their emails/organization the last few months. This just happened and I have to say, the invitation made me squeal. I’ve been praying for a while for God to direct me to a place I can write about His Word more. A place that I can be challenged and grow in my faith. SRT has already been such a rock for me this year, I’m so humbled and honored to be joining the women who are behind the words of She Reads Truth.

We are only on Day 3 of our Advent plan, so please come join! It’s never too late, and if you download the YouVersion app on your phone, you can follow along from there as well.

In other news, Babble was down (for us writers) for 2 weeks trying to get their new site design all set, now they’re back up and I love the new look. Take a peek here.

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Pumpkin Picking & All That Comes With It

A few weekends ago Sam and I drove up to New Mexico to take Bella pumpkin picking, but also to a sort of petting “farm”. La Union Maze has the coolest stuff during fall, so we chose to go there this year. She had a blast, and I got to practice with my camera a bit more as she played around. Please to enjoy our fall day:

La Union Maze via Hormonal Imbalances Blog

The maze and farm. It was huge, extended way back and to both sides with all kinds of rides, games, food, and animals. [Read more...]

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