We Are Having A…

Friday our doctor’s office called us with testing results, I’d had the verifi Prenatal test (p.s. I have no affiliation with them, just linking since it’s rather new to the testing game) which is why we found out gender so early. Everything is fine – it doesn’t change the risk with ciHHV-6, but it does eliminate other issues or complications. That’s why we opted to do this, in case there was something that might be a bigger risk with ciHHV-6.

And then the nurse asked, “Would you like to know the gender?” It was one of those moments where the whole world stops for a second – you know whatever words come next are going to change your life. And they did. I started to cry and told her, “You just made my whole day,” and she was so excited – it was wonderful.

So then once we knew, and Bella knew we knew (and wasn’t about to wait to find out), I ran out and bought balloons, came home and searched for a box – finding the only one big enough but barely fit in. Then we realized my camera battery was dead. And once Bella opened the box, the jammed in balloons didn’t come out and Sam had to help her pry them out and I forgot to turn the phone the right way and then the video was a mess to try to clip together –

Bella Gender Reveal 1

Best laid plans y’all. So I scrapped it, did a short clip of her cutest moment, and found one of my favorite pics I snapped.

Ready? :) Turn up your sound, she gives a little squeal that melts my heart.

(not sure if it was because of the gender or just the fact that she loves balloons that.much.)



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Did You Know… #NationalSiblingDay

Did you know that my little sister Alyson is pregnant too?

She is. 13 weeks ahead of me.

It’s her and her husband’s first baby. It decided to be stubborn during her 20 week ultrasound so they’re still waiting to find out the gender.

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{The Myth of} All Better

You know that saying about how a baby won’t fix a disaster of a relationship?

It’s true of course, but often in the midst of, “If we could just have a baby…” it tends to be ignored. Because really, what wouldn’t a squishy new baby fix?

And then when it happens, you slowly begin to realize that yeah, that saying is right. This is still life, and it’s still hard, and as much as you love your kids – now you’ve got a lot more stress.

So this is the same as pregnancy after loss for a lot of us. Especially me. I’ve tried really, really hard to stay grounded about another baby after Kaden died. I knew that it wouldn’t fix the loss, it wouldn’t fix me, and it wouldn’t fix our life.

And yet.

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Let’s Talk About Weird Pregnancy Things

I get terrible food aversions when I’m pregnant. I don’t know if it goes hand in hand with hyperemesis or what, but it’s been a regular occurrence for each one.

Some are the same. Chicken – cooked or raw. Tortillas or anything with a “bready” smell to it. Raw vegetables for first tri. Cheerios. Some I don’t see coming and then BAM. I can’t bear the thought of eating it.

Angela Meme

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A Favor

So I have a favor to ask.

It’s easy and quick, promise. And it’s just for me.

Stitch Fix Maternity

I entered to win a maternity giveaway bundle (maternity clothes, baby items, etc) hosted by Stitch Fix, and I would love to have your vote. I’ve hesitated posting this for a few days because I wanted to pretend that we could totally afford buying a new maternity wardrobe since my clothes are literally falling apart after four pregnancies in five years. Or that we’re going to have no trouble buying all the things for this baby that we donated to other families last year.

But we are. We can’t afford either right now – the most pressing being maternity clothes.

Hence the lack of bump photos that I’ve (not) posted.

I’d really love to have this. For so many reasons. I understand how the odds are rather stacked against us in babies, but I’m trying to keep my hope alive for this little one.

So if you’d simply click over and hit “Vote” – I’d be forever grateful. It ends Monday and I need about 6,000 votes to win (it’s possible!!). If you’d like to share my entry as well, I wouldn’t hate that. ;)

Link: http://bit.ly/1I3CbLQ

Thanks so much <3