What a Week

Whew. This week has been a whirlwind of things happening.

Wednesday I met up with my friend Laura (waves hi) for a playdate with her two littles. After getting lost I made it a half hour late to the park on base.

I’ve lived here 2 years. 2 YEARS. And I still managed to head to the wrong park first and then get lost trying to find the second one. It doesn’t help that my GPS shuts down on post.

I’d been having contractions since the afternoon before, but they weren’t in a pattern and didn’t hurt, so I figured getting out would help. We’d just be sitting and watching the kids play.

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Easy Ways to Find Your Genetic History – and the Life Changes it Could Make

I had genetic testing done in the early second trimester of this pregnancy. My OB was looking for anything that might tell us why my past 2 pregnancies were so hard physically and ended earlier than normal.

Turns out, I have an MTHFR deficiency, which you can read more on here. Quite honestly, I still have a very basic understanding of it all even after lots of questions and research. While it doesn’t appear to have had any impact on Bella or the twins, it could have this pregnancy. I was placed on medications to reduce the risk even less, as well as special prenatal vitamins.
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First Appointment: Leave Me Alone

Today I’m heading out to go see a midwife at a birthing center.

Can I be honest?

Before all of this with the twins and the hospital happened, I used to ADORE being at the doctor while pregnant. I loved having as many appointments as I could. Loved it all.

Maybe not the vaginal exams. But most everything else.

The moment that stick turned pink I’d be calling and setting an appointment asap.

This time?

I don’t even want to go. I just want to be left alone. I don’t want to be poked, prodded, scrutinized, nothing. If I could, I’d go in at 20 weeks for that one ultrasound and then have my baby alone in a field with Sam. Maybe with a bed. Grass can be poky.

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Twin Pregnancy Signs

Even before we knew we were having twins, I knew it. Kinda. It’s hard to explain – but I knew there was something different about this pregnancy. In fact, about 7 weeks in I almost wrote a post on here admitting to having, “I think it’s twins” thoughts, but then I figured it was just hyperemesis again – only worse.

Still, seeing it on the ultrasound shocked me because it was a shock – and because I already knew. Subconsciously I expected her to show us another baby. I think I would have left feeling amiss if she hadn’t.

Anyway, hindsight always makes things clearer. Everyone always wants to know if I ever suspected it was twins, so here are the signs I felt/saw and then brushed off with a shrug: [Read more...]

Guess What? {TTC update & an italic overload}

So you all know we’re TTC with the FAM method (charting/temping). Since Dec. 8th I’ve hunkered down and started charting for reals. And this past week I’ve been:




hungry ravenous

having to pee all the time

gassy (that’s just plain delightful to Sam – payback honey)


breaking out like I’m 15

and I have sore boobs.

Sam is having the time of his life.

Obviously. As are we all.

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