Little Friendships Along the Way

bella and her friends

I love this picture. Sure, it’s blown out with the lighting and not the best quality off my phone, but I love so much about it.

Yesterday we met up with my friend Emily and her three little boys. Her oldest is one day older than Bella. They have the sweetest little friendship.

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Our Land of Nod Homeschool Room Tour

Our Land of Nod Homeschool Room Tour

At laaaaast, our room has come aloooooong…

#sorrynotsorry #dorkalert

But without singing anymore, here it is, the official Land of Nod Homeschool Room. I showed you the before, and this past week I have been editing photos and trying to figure out which of the 2,485 after pics to put in here. Boy do I ever wish I had the Babble slideshow stuff on my blog right now.

So without further adieu, welcome:

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4 Years Ago

4 years ago today I sat down on a clunky desktop and typed out this post. I was tired. I was bored. I was stuck inside all day with a 2 month old.

I missed writing and had been sucked into blogs by Beth Anne and Ashley‘s way of writing their lives for an audience.

4 years.

How long did I struggle withΒ coming to termsΒ of writing on here?

This has been a much different story on here than I imagined 4 years ago. I never thought I’d have documented almost losing our first home, watching Sam rejoin the military, a move to El Paso, or deciding to homeschool.

I’ve chronicled Bella’s life and her milestones, announced twins, an adoption, and another baby. This blog holds three of the start to finish lives of my sons. I’ve cried and grieved and railed against God. I’ve fallen in love with my husband all over againΒ and again.

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Land of Nod Homeschool Room: The Before

When we moved into this house, we had absolutely no idea what we would do with a 4th bedroom. The third would be a guest bedroom – our old queen and nightstand promptly went into that. It was ideal for family and friends visiting us since we live so far from everyone.

We have 2 living areas and a dining room – so the second living area became a playroom/my work area.

When Land of Nod reached out to collaborate on a project, I wondered about turning the fourth room into something I’d always dreamed of:

our own homeschool room.

First up were measurements and photos of the room for them. I think they knew right away that the colors in the room just wouldn’t work – and thank goodness they had it painted because they were right. Here are the before shots:

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I’ll Probably Explode in Excitement Before the End of this Post

Land of Nod Homeschool Room Ideas

Photo via Land of Nod



A few months ago, in the midst of my pregnancy with Kaden, Land of Nod (I KNOW) contacted me about collaborating on a project. I was swamped at the time, we were getting ready to move to North Carolina, etc, so I told them that I’d love to once things settled down.

Fast forward to October, when everything had changed and yet stayed so much the same. I reached back out to them with an idea about doing a homeschool room for Bella. We have a huge 4th bedroom at the front of our new home that I’d designated for school anyway, but was struggling to figure out what to put in there for her. It had to be childlike, inviting, and yet something she could grow up with. It also had to work for us moving around so much, and be functional for us both.

I felt after looking at their stuff for so long that they would be so perfect for this kind of thing. My idea was so different and yet their products are a great fit for childhood education and transition through the years.

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