Origami Owl Lockets: a Flash Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

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My dear friend Laura designed an Origami Owl locket for me after Kaden died. It was so perfect – each little piece in it meant so much to me. I had heard of them before, but owning one was really something special. The fact that she took the time to pick out an elephant, baby feet, his birthstone – I felt incredibly loved.

Since then, it’s been neat to see what other’s lockets hold. I want to share the love with you all:

I’ve paired up with Jamie who owns her own Origami Owl business for a flash Valentine’s Day giveaway. Were going to give one of you an Origami Owl locket – either for yourself or to give away (it makes a pretty incredible gift, take it from me). The winner will receive a Medium Silver Living Locket4 Charms of choice, and 24”-26” Silver Rolo Chain.


Here’s a little more on Jamie and the Origami Owl story. Then enter via Rafflecopter below!
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Our Ultimate #TasteOff Vlog: Yoplait vs. Chobani Greek Yogurts

This article is sponsored by Yoplait, all opinions are my own (and Sam’s, and Bella’s). Grab a coupon for their new Greek yogurt here

We love yogurt. All kinds. I’m a big fan of plain, whole milk yogurt. Gosh I love it. Sam thinks that it is absolutely disgusting that I can eat it right out of the carton without anything on it.

It probably is. I don’t care. He likes pork jerky. ::throws up in mouth::

He loves Chobani® greek yogurt. Bella loves it all.

So when Yoplait® included us in their yogurt #TasteOff for the new Yoplait® Greek Blueberry against the Chobani® Greek Blueberry, I knew it was going to interesting to see which one we picked, but especially for Sam. He takes a Chobani® with him to work every day, and I wondered if he’d be able to tell (blindfolded).

Yoplait vs Chobani Greek Yogurt #TasteOff-1 We decided to do a short vlog on him tasting each yogurt, and the results. Bella loved doing this, even though the first time we tried she smeared yogurt all over him completely and we had to do that again. The Chobani® was the first. Then he took a drink of water. The Yoplait® was the second. He really and truly didn’t know which was which – we had to pause the video for it to all fit in the time span of 15 seconds!

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Homeschool Day in the Life {Right Now} and a Little About Us

Today I’m writing on one of the sites that has changed our homeschool thought process completely. While so many of the homeschool blogs I love offer printables, ideas, etc (and they are fabulous), Simple Homeschool offers deep, insightful looks into the process of schooling children at home.

Lately the editor Jamie (find her e-books here) has been doing a fantastic series on what a day in the life looks like with homeschooling. I loved reading them, but (as is pretty normal with homeschool) I found most of them were on bigger families that included older children. I’m so excited to share with you on what a day in our PreK homeschool life looks like right now with just Bella. 

You can read it here.

If you’re new to my blog, welcome. Please feel free to look around, read about our lives with the tabs above this post. We are a family of 3 on earth, 3 in heaven. Bella is 4 and the light of my husband Sam’s and my life. Our most profound story is of losing our 3 sons, Preston and Julian – identical twins born too soon at 20 weeks in May of 2012, and Kaden – born this past August full term and found to have a rare heart condition and virus which he passed away from 3 weeks later. We are in the process of rebuilding our lives without knowing quite where to turn right now.

You’ll also find out about our life as a military family, a marriage of nearly 11 years after being high school sweethearts, and how writing is my passion both on this blog and several other sites I write for.

We recently had Land of Nod come out to set up an entire homeschool room for us, then shoot it for an upcoming catalog.

I’m also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Follow me on BlogLovin‘ or subscribe by email.

Thanks for coming over and reading a little more on us!


You can find some of my other recent writings here:



Right now.

Sam’s cooking posole for dinner (like a good husband), Bella’s doing crafts at her table, and I’m taking advantage of the quiet by reading my massive book on education, and sipping the Starbucks Christmas blend.

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Where were You?

It’s 1am.

I can’t sleep.

I haven’t even really tried because at 10:30pm I laid in bed and sobbed until I couldn’t breathe. So I turned on The Good Wife. Until I was too exhausted to do anything but pass out.

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