Life: Alcohol Free

Sam and I have struggled with this disease – him with it directly, me with the effects his drinking (and mine to an extent) took on me. We lived with alcohol ruining some of the best, most wonderful moments in our lives for almost 10 years. Until one day I couldn’t handle how he and I acted anymore – and left.

I have blogged about our ups, downs, joys and sorrows of it. My decision to leave, his decision to get help. How our lives have changed so much because of what we both did. How just because we stopped drinking didn’t mean everything turned out happily ever after – but it did get better.

If you ever want to vent, chat, ask a question, or just need someone to listen to you about a struggle you or someone you love has with alcohol – I’m here. You can email me anytime and just unload. I won’t judge or give unasked advice, I promise to be simply the person who does understand, does know what you are going through, and does care.

You can read the posts about our journey here.



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