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A Few of My (Random) Favorite Things

Nothing much is new here - quiet weekend. Having some contractions but all Braxton Hicks, no pain, so just lots of water and resting. I'm 35 weeks TODAY. Amazing. The fact that I made it to this point is really a bit of a miracle in itself. So a few random things for today: ----------------- I … [Read more...]

Homeschool Kindergarten  (2 of 7)

1st Week of Kindergarten

Look carefully, you can see a hamster poking out of the caddy. :) I tried to capture the uniqueness of homeschooling with a few of these shots. I'm late getting these edited and up, but that's ok. Lately I've tried to cut myself some slack since I'm giant, tired, sick, and basically everything … [Read more...]

Truth or Consequences 2015 (5 of 7)

Weekend Getaway

This weekend we headed up to Truth or Consequences, NM for an overnight stay. No reason other than to just get out for a while, see something new, and take (hopefully!) one last trip as our family of three. Plus Charlie, who came with us too. Truth or Consequences is only about 2 hours up the … [Read more...]