So here we are. Tomorrow I board the plane for Zimbabwe. My therapist has asked me to write down how I feel each day I’m there, to get an idea of how this trip affects me before, during and after. So tonight, I’m writing on here about how I feel before I analyze it to death or talk myself out of it.

Anxious: mostly about being away from Sam and Bella. My mom is out to be with Bella during the day, and keep Sam company, but I haven’t ever been away this long. I’ll be gone 11 days.

Excited: Like – way excited. Which feels a little weird to say since we’re going to a country devastated by poverty and to learn about the maternal/infant mortality crisis. But I’m excited to be a part of this, to make a difference, to be a part of something greater than myself and my story.

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#12Prayers – For Miscarriage and Infant Loss

12 prayers Today I have the honor of praying with and for those of you who have lost a child and/or are walking with someone who has. Rachel from @makesomethingbeautiful on Instagram (find her blog here) asked me to write 12 prayers – 6 for those of us who have lost and 6 for friends and family. Each orayer contains a verse I and others have found comforting or encouraging on this path, as well as a short prayer that goes with it.

This is something Rachel has hosted before under the #12prayers hashtag with prayers for marriage, back to school, Iraqi Christians, and our hearts. Her dedication to reaching out to so many of us is inspiring. You can read more behind this movement here

Please join us now in praying, once an hour from 9-9, on her page for our lives and those grieving around us. 

Whoever Welcomes a Little Child…

I’ve been thinking a lot of what to ask from you all as I prepare to travel to Zimbabwe in exactly one week. I’ve thought of prayer for myself, the rest of the team, the people we’ll meet, the leaders in Zimbabwe that we’ll be speaking with, our health, the travel, etc.

And yet.

Something has weighed on my heart to share with you.

I want you to be a part of this. Not just by looking at pictures or reading, but a real part of World Vision gearing up to make a crucial difference in the lives of women and children. Zimbabwe has one of the worst crises for pregnant women and infants happening right now.

“Zimbabwe is among 40 countries where the maternal death rate exceeds 960 per 100,000 live births (emphasis mine)… And the situation is not improving: Maternal mortality in Zimbabwe rose by 28 percent between 1990 and 2010. Globally, just 287 mothers die per 100,000 live births, and in sub-Saharan Africa the figure stands at 500 per 100,000, according to Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Health and Child Care.” AlJezeera.com

What can you do? How can you be a part of this?

It’s simple. You can sponsor a child in Zimbabwe here: http://myshare.worldvision.org/dianawrote 

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We Have This Hope

Screenshot 2014-10-20 13.19.43 Last week I was hired to write for mom.me. I’m really, really excited to be a part of their group; they have some of my very favorite people with them.

I’ll be writing with their Parenting section, similar to what I write with Babble but with more of an edge for snark/humor at times. So while I try to avoid anything super confrontational on here, it may be that you read my writing there and get a bit bristly at times. That’s ok! We can still love each other with prickles. ;) It’s simply a different direction to my writing and voice, and it helps me to branch out.

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In 2 1/2 weeks I’ll be arriving in Zimbabwe, after staying the night in Dubai. The thought of this blows my mind on a daily basis.

I’ve started to get things ready – freezing meals for my mom, Sam, and Bella, buying adaptors, looking up all things Zimbabwe. I have my passport and am waiting on my visa. World Vision secured our plane tickets last week. We have a team “meeting” to get to know each other more. Yesterday I got my immunizations for the trip.

Zimbabwe - World Vision

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