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The other day I told Sam, “Isn’t it cute how Bella says Pterodactyl? (She pronounces the ‘P’). Let’s never correct her.”

We have these little memories of her saying things wrong since she started talking. One or two random words she mis-hears, that she then says that way for a while until suddenly it’s gone. She called fans “sa’s” forever, cats were “tikkies”, school buses were buses and actual buses were “schools” (that was the best).

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For I Know the Plans I Have For You…

What a few months it’s been. Truly. Zimbabwe. School. Writing for places I’ve always loved.

Writing a book.

Oh wait. Did I tell you all? :)

I’ve been signed to The Blythe Daniel Agency to write a book.


I can’t believe it. I really can’t. The day I said I was going back to school, one of their (crazy talented) literary agents, Jessica, reached out to me about writing a book.

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From Skepticism to Love – & an Essential Oil/Diffuser Giveaway!

Young Living Oils Thieves and USB Diffuser Giveaway
Essential Oils – let me start this post by saying that I’ve been a HUGE skeptic of them for about the past year. Watching friends post on the benefits, rave on results – they were the fun cheerleaders and I was the emo chick on the bleachers wondering if everyone was on crack.

Interestingly enough, it was Sam who first introduced me to oils. Eucalyptus in our humidifier when we were all sick last winter. I fell in love with the scent of that running in our home. Then lavender for little cuts and burns. Peppermint cut with coconut oil for the non-stop headaches I had when pregnant with Kaden.

I tentatively started to ask about different blends I was seeing – what did they smell like? What could they help with? I was surprised to find that with some of the absolutely crazy claims I’d seen online (Cure Ebola! Beat Cancer! Send your child to Harvard at 3!) – the people I knew were honest about them.

They weren’t a cure all for things – but they helped. They smelled great. Oils added an extra layer of help to your routine of prevention/care.

Young Living Oils Thieves and USB Diffuser Giveaway

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A House Full of Sick People {and What Made it Better}

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This past week we all became sick. First Bella on Sunday evening. Then Sam on Tuesday. I caught it on Wednesday. Aches, upset stomachs, raging headaches, and fevers.


By Thursday I was able to get showered and dressed to head out for additional resources. CVS carries a formula for rehydration called DripDrop (find it in the baby aisle & coupon at bottom of post!). DripDrop has 2-3 times the electrolytes and half the calories of sports drinks and hydrates 34% better than water alone. It contains a precise ratio of ingredients to activate fast hydration, so recovery happens quicker. [Read more…]

18 months {& Kaden’s Birth Story}

18 months ago I was induced with Kaden. It’s taken me this long to write it out because I have felt so robbed and cheated and tricked. I couldn’t even process how I went from finally holding him to empty arms.

(You can read Preston and Julian’s birth story here)

(Bella’s here)

I was determined to have a natural birth – I mean natural besides the induction. That I didn’t have much of an option in. I’d been on the blood thinner Lovenox, and the Dr found I was dialted 4 inches when she took the cerclage out. So letting me go home was a big risk.

I planned to do hypnobirthing, and shared a lot about it on Babble. Even my therapist got into it a bit with me, and we practiced some of the techniques like breathing and focusing in our sessions.

I had the coolest doula. Ever. Emily is still one of my best friends although we barely knew each other back then. Thanks for being ok with seeing me naked and screaming at you Emily – then sticking around after too. ;)

Sam was there. My mom was on the way. We’d hired a birth photographer to take pics (“From the stomach up,” I told her. “Nothing down there, I don’t even want to see that.”).

When my water broke, I covered my face with my hands on the hospital bed and bawled, because it flashed me back to being on the bathroom floor, towel between my legs, praying to God that I wasn’t going to lose the twins.

Then the hard part. Labor. At first, I was like, “I can do this. This isn’t too bad. Why did I think this was so bad when I had Bella? This is fine. Painful – Doable.”


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