Litter Genie Review: Multiple Cats, High Temps, and All That Fun Stuff

“This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Litter Genie, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #petparents”

Litter Genie Review with Multiple Cats

We have three cats. Often people seem to gasp at this number, but in all honesty they’re easier than three dogs.

I can’t wrap my head around three of our dog Charlie. I’d lose my mind.

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What if you give your life to Christ – and your world crashes in?

Before I really and truly gave my life to Christ nearly 4 years ago this summer, I was terrified of doing so. I was so afraid that something would happen to me if I did. Something terrible. I don’t know why, but I felt as if saying those words could seriously change things.

Never mind that Sam and I fought all the time. Our marriage was strained. We had barely any money and our home was about to be lost.

I feared that if I handed my soul to Jesus, life would hurt more.

And it has.

So here’s the thing, looking back on everything that’s happened since then:

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Cover Girl {Land of Nod Style}

This month, Bella graced the cover of the Land of Nod‘s catalog. Then we all died of the cute.

march land of nod cover

She was so, so excited. It was a surprise to her (they’d let me know a few weeks before they planned on using that shot) and I brought it home one morning from work and handed it to her.

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What on Earth is Oil Pulling? Steps and Benefits Explained

You may have heard of the newest health craze of oil pulling and its benefits. I’ve seen it on Facebook several times, and never had any idea what it was.

It sounded like something you did for Exxon.

what is oil pulling

Turns out, oil pulling is actually something you do for the health of your mouth and teeth. I use coconut oil cleansing for my skin at night, and oil balances oil. So  that same thought applies here, oil pulling goes through plaque and removes toxins without disturbing the teeth or gums.

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Chasing Happiness

Chasing Happiness

Sometimes I hesitate writing anything that seems to be unthankful, unhappy, ungrateful because I will get that one (or more) comment scolding me.

And it just eats away at me.

I wish it didn’t. I certainly don’t dwell on those as much as I used to, but I wish I didn’t at all.

In my mind, I think of all the responses to change their mind. Usually it comes from someone who has read a post without any background info on us or our situation, and they rush to inform me of how off track I am. I spend time thinking of the perfect answer so they understand why I wrote what I did, and yet I know that in 99.9% of those cases it won’t matter what I tell them.

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