Our Homeschool Days: Five in a Row

I get a lot of questions about homeschooling on IG, Facebook, Twitter, and in real life. Most of them are along the lines of, “It seems so overwhelming. Where do you begin?”

I have been stuck writing this post for forever because I get frustrated with my own answer. There simply isn’t a place to begin except to talk to people who are homeschooling, research, go to a curriculum fair if there’s one near you, call different curriculum providers you have an interest in using and ask them questions, search blogs, and read, read, read about it. Also ask lots of questions! Then dive in. Really – you can change it as you go.

I want to tell you my A., B., and C., but homeschool is such a personal journey that my choices and style probably wouldn’t work for many of you or your children’s needs. On that note, before you click away and tell me I just wasted 5 minutes of your life ;) I’ll share with you about what we’re using, how it works, etc.

What we are using this year: Five in a Row for our basic curriculum


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Homeschool Organization – Good Enough

We’ve had a bit of a lag in our homeschool these past few weeks. Things have been crazy with the cruise, family coming to visit, sickness, and then the holidays.

But something else kept nagging at me – something I couldn’t put my finger on till this evening. I sat down to plan out what we wanted to do and was completely overwhelmed. I mean, it’s preschool. I have a Before Five in a Row curriculum. Tons of resources online. Facebook pages and blogs and pinterest boards. All I really need is craft ideas, a story, maybe a song…

And that’s what the problem is. There is so much to choose from with homeschool that I just keep looking and clicking and reading till I feel like my head is going to explode. Once I find something and am ready, then I rethink it a trillion times. “This would be fun on a colder day” “I could wait and do this in the spring when” and etc.

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