Headaches and Nausea and Zofran, Oh My!


Yesterday I was 6 weeks. I had to wake up and take a Zofran.

That fast.


This morning it was worse. I’ll have to start taking them morning and night now. I get terrible headaches along with nightmares from being sick if I don’t. Then I can’t sleep, I wake up and almost can’t make it to the bathroom (4 feet away).

I mean – I knew it probably would happen again. This isn’t the kind of morning sickness where I throw up and feel better, it’s that stupid boat on choppy waves feeling that lasts all day.

And THE SMELLS. Don’t get me started on smells.

Zofran does help. Tremendously, and I am so thankful for that because I know women that have absolutely nothing work for them. I can’t imagine. I had 11 weeks of grinding it out while being pregnant with Bella before a kind nurse gave me Zofran to try, and I can’t fathom feeling that way an entire pregnancy with no relief of any kind.

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