Things I Can’t {Homeschool} Without – Kiwi Crate Edition

I’m starting a series of posts from now until – well – until I run out of things I love. I want to tell you all about some of the things (like Kiwi Crate) that make my life easier, prettier, shinier, and just a little more fun all around. Some will be just things I have around, some referral links to things I own, some things I was sent to try out. I’ll let you know while talking about each, but know that I really do love (and use) them all.Β 


First up is the amazing, convenient, answer to what -the-heck-are-we-doing-after-napΒ Kiwi Crate. I.LOVE.THEM. I have been itching to write about them and waited till I had a few kits behind me to tell you all about what they are like.

You’ve probably seen me post about them on Instagram and Twitter the past 3 months. So what exactly is a Kiwi Crate and how does it work?

kiwi crate

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