Jump Start the Holidays with Kiwi Crate {& Discount Code!}

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I’m starting to think about Christmas gifts. I mean – I adore Thanksgiving. I want to enjoy it before we do Christmas stuff.

Although two years ago we put up our tree November 1st with the thought of “Christmas for 2 months YAY!” but by December 15th I was ready to light that sucker on fire and throw it out in the yard.



This week is a fun one because all the sales start. I’m usually the person who thinks, “I’ve got tons of time to buy gifts.” Then one day I realize that all of my stuff will have to make the 2 day shipping deadline on Amazon to get to everyone by Christmas. So this year I’m determined to get things here and wrapped and shipped before Dec. 22nd.

You all know we love Kiwi Crate. I’ve written posts for both here and Babble singing their praises over the past two and a half years. This holiday season they’ve got all kinds of fun stuff happening:

Use the code MERRYSUB for 60% off!

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Things I Can’t {Homeschool} Without – Kiwi Crate Edition

I’m starting a series of posts from now until – well – until I run out of things I love. I want to tell you all about some of the things (like Kiwi Crate) that make my life easier, prettier, shinier, and just a little more fun all around. Some will be just things I have around, some referral links to things I own, some things I was sent to try out. I’ll let you know while talking about each, but know that I really do love (and use) them all.ย 


First up is the amazing, convenient, answer to what -the-heck-are-we-doing-after-napย Kiwi Crate. I.LOVE.THEM. I have been itching to write about them and waited till I had a few kits behind me to tell you all about what they are like.

You’ve probably seen me post about them on Instagram and Twitter the past 3 months. So what exactly is a Kiwi Crate and how does it work?

kiwi crate

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