I gave birth today. And a little announcement.

And by giving birth, I mean to a small, blue, evil Mirena.

If you want to stop reading now I’ll understand. And family members – you might want to. Don’t blame me if you read something you didn’t want to know about – or did but wanted it to be a surprise.

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Full Feeds and Posts via Email

Yesterday, I was emphatically told on Facebook that most of you dislike partial feeds in your reader and in your email.

I understand. I do. I dislike them as well, although I do have several bloggers that do it, and I love them so much I go over any way. But there isn’t anything nicer than curling up with a cup of (decaf ::sad face::) tea and reading The Pioneer Woman in the evenings on my phone.

As gorgeous as her site is to go to.

I think the hard part is, I love having people come over and stay for a while. I felt as if a full post in a reader would mean you’d never come back. Never see my site, the changes, the updates, or be part of the community we’ve formed. You’d read and delete.

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Things that go bump in the nap.

Yesterday around 2 I finished up all my work to hear Bella (who is almost 23 months) in the other room, waking up from nap. While she usually plays happily for a few minutes before starting to call for me, this time I heard sobs and, “Uh oh, uh oh!”

I walked down the hall, remembering how I thought she sounded quite loud, and pushed open the door only to bump into something. A thought quickly raced through my head of, “Did her cloth diaper pail tip, and how on earth?” Then I heard an even louder wail and pushing the door wider I saw her little face poke around it, tears streaming down, a diaper half off as she said, “Uh oh, diaper? Uh oh.”

In complete shock, I just stood there for a second, sputtering out, “Wha… how did you get out, did you climb out of your crib? Wait, how did you do that?!” [Read more…]

World Moms Blog

Before BlogHer this year was Pathfinder Day. I remember walking into the Convention center that morning, a bundle of nerves and not sure if I knew anyone in the room.

I ended up sitting next to a woman who had her adorable baby with her. We started chatting, she said her name was Jen, and I asked her where she wrote at.

World Moms Blog,” she said, and explained that it was a blog written by women all over the world. They came to share their stories about motherhood, culture, food, education, the differences and similarities in raising children, and to connect. Jen is the founder. [Read more…]

Dreaming Big

As you are reading this, I am listening to this song. And really, you should be too. (ignore the video though) It seems odd, that this is the song that chokes me up in the car. That makes me want to flip open the computer and pour out my heart to you all. The song that makes me throw my head up in defiance of the odds against me in the writing world and keep going.

I mean, it’s Miley. Miley.

But there it is. My motivational song. Crank it up.

I listen to this to gain perspective after a rough day. To push myself to keep going. To look back over the past 22 months of blogging and see the friendships, the perspective I’ve gained, the opportunities that have come my way just from this. At times I can’t quite believe how much writing here has impacted my life.

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